Santa Cruz Works – Equal Access Seeks to Bridge Digital Divide

Local internet provider Cruzio and Community Foundation Santa Cruz County lead local action to increase opportunity and access to education

This week marks the official launch of the Equal Access Santa Cruz County fund, spearheaded by Cruzio Internet with a simple goal: bridge the digital divide and bring true high-speed broadband to every family in Santa Cruz County, regardless of income level.

The state of California estimates that 21% of students (1.2 million) are unconnected to the internet and 71% of those students are Black and Latinx. Santa Cruz County, an area where many people are prosperous, has seen persistent gaps in educational opportunity. According to the Central Coast Broadband Consortium, Santa Cruz is graded a C- on its California Broadband Infrastructure Report Card and almost 16,000 households don’t have access to adequate internet. Even where broadband is available, low income families in our area are struggling. Their priorities are food and rent, and they require the internet services they need to be free or very low cost.

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