Buena Vista Workforce Housing

Connections for Kids

In the winter of 2021, Cruzio Internet completed a large infrastructure project at Buena Vista Camp, a community that had very limited internet access. The services that were available were not affordable for the majority of camp residents. The neighborhood is made up of 143 housing units and is home to a population of low-income, migrant farmworkers and their families.

Working with PVUSD and the Watsonville Rotary Club, Cruzio developed a proposal to build high-speed connections to all 143 units, and cover all service fees to those units for 3 years. Thanks to individual donations from community members and to our larger donors and partners, we were able to complete this build and get the many students at the camp back in their online classes.

The project caught the attention of the Good Times, and you can read our story about the project here. There are many areas throughout Santa Cruz County that still need better access to broadband services, and as we develop plans for other neighborhoods in need, our build at Buena Vista is serving as a template for future infrastructure projects – ones that involve partnerships between the local businesses, organizations, and donors with the common goal to meet the needs of the community.

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