Mid-County Fiber Opposed by Big Telecom

July 9, 2019 • Cruzio Internet Many of our local government administrators and elected officials have expressed support from Cruzio’s big goal: to make sure all of Santa Cruz County has world class internet at a reasonable price. Cruzio is trying to push that goal forward. Here’s an open letter to our representatives with theContinue reading “Mid-County Fiber Opposed by Big Telecom”

A Micro-ISP In The Mountains

June 12, 2019 • Broadband Community Magazine If anyone in the world is qualified to run an ISP, it’s Kenneth Adelman. How many people, when asked by tech support staff if they know how to run a traceroute, can answer, “Look at the traceroute source code – it has my name in it”? Adelman co-foundedContinue reading “A Micro-ISP In The Mountains”

Cruzio Proposes Mid-County Fiber Internet Construction

June 7th, 2019 • Cruzio Internet Everyone in our community should have equal access to high-speed, affordable internet. This has been Cruzio’s goal throughout our history, and it’s why we’ve been constructing our own fiber network, Santa Cruz Fiber.Following our success building in downtown Santa Cruz, there is potential for a new project in mid-County.Continue reading “Cruzio Proposes Mid-County Fiber Internet Construction”